Cor Inc. Cor

Solving Solved Problems

To put the “R” back in SaaS so you can build what you want to build for your business, you need resources tailored to your needs, validated across many iterations. Successes and failures. Production tested. Industry vetted. In 2021, a group of experienced software leaders banded together to provide a product experience tailored to this specific need. Dan Shaw (“dshaw”), Ahmad Nassri, Jory Burson started an independent software company called Cor Development, Inc., referred to simply as “Cor”.

Cor is the latin root for Core AND Heart. Cor is focused on the needs of Software as a Service providers, of digital application builders, providing them with the resources needed to build and deploy the essential underlying services needed to grow and serve customers throughout your organization’s lifecycle.

Dan, Ahmad, and Jory have worked at companies ranging from early-stage startups to mature businesses to the largest industry players building upon decades of success (and legacy software). Their unique experience combines deep platform building expertise and broad understanding of standardization processes. If your organization uses identity, billing, data events, auditing and logging, then your team needs Cor.

We’ll be there with you. Providing money-saving guidance. Delivering spec accelerating product tooling so you can build it right the first time, migrate to new service providers when needed, and safely end-of-life systems that have served their purpose. At Cor, we work on the solved problems that you shouldn’t have to worry about, so your decisions don’t come back to hurt your bottom line.

In 2021, Cor will change how software is built by allowing your team to focus on their unique business value, by providing you solutions to the solved problems you don’t want to build once again. Sign up to get early access.